When buying construction machinery, it is important to look out for speed and performance. It’s also significant to ensure that the crane can facilitate your needs and that it is generally compatible at work. It is equally important to know that the repair and spare part service offered is up to par. The construction business is one that races with time and time is money.


With presence in five different continents, Towerwork, inc.© can guarantee the fastest repair service available. We are known for our rich spare part bank and we can provide service at any part of the world quickly and efficiently.

The service and montage crew of Towerwork, inc.© is trained in electric and mechanic fields as well as at our company’s central factory where they specialize in their own field. The crew is knowledgeable and experienced and it can provide solutions for installation, montage, repairs, maintenance, displacement, de-montage, technical parameters and other.  

Various branches of the crane are inter-dependant therefore good functionality of the parts is imperative for complete functionality of the crane.