Who we are?

Towerwork, inc.© is an American company created in 1952 in New York by David Swerdlov in order to produce and design cranes. Towerwork, inc.© is not only a crane company but a one-stop shop providing true solutions in all sectors of the construction field. The crane business is our business. In addition to our existing models, we also provide project evaluation, design and the development of quality bespoke cranes. Our cranes fit the lowest of budgets bringing our customers an overall excellent investment.


Our History:

1952 - Towerwork, inc.© was initially founded to produce ship and port cranes for the American Defence industry in New York.

1978 - Towerwork, inc.© invested in the construction field and started production of construction cranes over 25 tons.

1991 - Towerwork, inc.© started to produce smaller tower cranes between 4-25 tons based on the construction sector requirements.

1997 - Towerwork, inc.©  started to produce passenger elevators and escalators.

2002 - Towerwork, inc.©  relocated from the United States to Asia in order to produce smaller products of 4-25 tons.

2006 - Towerwork, inc.© set up its first overseas office in Turkey.

2007 - Towerwork, inc.© started production of construction hoist in an Asian factory.

2009 - Towerwork, inc.© set up an office in Russia.

2010 - Towerwork, inc.© set up an office in Turkmenistan.

2015 - Towerwork, inc.© set up an office in Ukraine.


Towerwork, inc.©  main aim is to offer the best product possible and to reinforce itself in the ever-changing world of the construction field.

Towerwork, inc.© focused on producing smaller cranes in order to fulfil a gap in the developing sector. Our business partners can benefit from smaller cranes that offer better solutions in the divisions of montage, de-montage, installation, repairs and maintenance.

By the end of the 1990’s, Towerwork, inc.© focused on operations outside of the United States and invested in different countries to provide faster and better montage and spare parts service. Today, our business partners use our products efficiently in 5 different continents and more than 40 different countries. Success and dedication have earned Towerwork, inc.© its title as a renowned world brand.  

Why Towerwork, inc.©?

Towerwork, inc.© cranes provide you with:

  • the best loading capacity

  • the best free standing high

  • the highest energy savings

  • the fastest operation in its own condition

  • the fastest service and spare parts

  • the best investment